Delray Beach Corporate Catering Job

YaDa Bag Delray Beach Corporate Catering Job

The Famous Traveling YaDa Bag was spotted in Delray Beach for a corporate catering job.  Simple but specific requests by the doctor's office.  All sandwiches were to be individually wrapped.  Specific greens and vegetables in the salad.  ONLY diet Coke for drinks, chilled no ice.  Sugar cookies for desert.  YaDa Chef delivered -- the office was happy and thrilled we followed their instructions.  The advised us it was a nice change from the other companies who have delivered in the past. 

Join the fun of the Famous Traveling YaDa Chef Bag.  They have been spotted and used around the world.  From Europe, to China, to South Africa, to the Americas.

yada bag in paris yada bag in china

The far reaching hand of YaDa Chef is around the world.

Simply photograph the exploits of your Famous Bag and we will post on our blog as well as our Facebook page.  The pictures are getting close to the 100s.  

Come on, you know you want to join the excitement.

Each YaDa Chef canvas bag has our logo on it and is our signature bright orange color.

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