YaDa Bag Visits Lake Wales Florida

We recently traveled through the middle of Florida for a couple birthday celebrations.  On the way back, we replenished our supplies of raw honey from Struther's Honey INC.  We love these products!

Here is a great little article about this fantastic little honey depot, found at: http://polkfl.blogspot.com/2009/05/struthers-honey-since-1935.html

Struthers' Honey

... Built on a hill in the lake community of Hesperides, the building is impossible to miss when passing. It is an institution that I took for granted (what do kids know?) and I'm sure not enough other people visit, either.

What is to be taken advantage of here?

Cheap, local, honey! Struthers' Honey, since 1935.

That's right, this honey is cultivated from bee's in the orange groves of Florida, making sweet orange blossom honey.

There is no cashier. The store operates on what they call, "the honor system." A box (secured to the ground) is located in the center of the small front room, with a slit in the middle. Behind the box is a cascading arrangement of bottles of honey on a shelf that makes me thing of a honey altar. Each package of honey is labeled according to price, and customers put the appropriate amount of cash into the box. That's it.

According to newspaper clippings taped around the walls, the Struthers family has had very few people take advantage of this system. Having been in business for 74 years, they seem to be doing fine.

I did a price check: Struthers' Honey is cheaper than the grocery store. And if you're going to spend money, why not buy something local? This way, the money stays put in the local economy. Central Florida is blessed to have the weather that makes food production possible year round, and any opportunity to get behind local food ought to be taken. All that to say: if you live near Lake Wales, buy your honey at the Honey House!

For a bit more information, read this Lakeland Ledger article about the business.

8024 Rose TerraceLake Wales, FL 33898-9427 

Phone: 863-632-5424


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