Everyday Can Be Holiday


YaDa Chef Everyday Is A Holiday

Looking for a way to add excitement or flair to your upcoming event and party?  Want to change up your job fair or tradeshow presentation?  Unconventional holidays can help spice up your promotions and inspire creativity in your event!

If you are stuck trying to develop a theme or idea for an event, or really want to change things up and try something fun and different, simply take a look at a calendar.  When the major holidays are lacking, eccentric and obscure holidays offer an additional reason to celebrate.  Tying your event to a fun and little-known holiday can help spark creativity and allow for a playful, exciting event! 

Who knew that there is a National Frozen Food Day?  Or a Dentist Day!  There are also month-long celebrations.  There is a National Peanut Month.  Looking for a fun way to tell your customers or employees that you are “nuts” about them?  Present them with a token of your appreciation, such as a wooden collector’s box filled with Choice Virginia Peanuts!

Nuts add a healthy snack option for National Nutrition Month!

Creativity for your events and promotions is only a day a way…

Here are some thoughts for your next event and party:

  1. Spin the entire food program. You don’t have to make the food about the food. Think of banqueting food as a holistic guest experience. For example, have creatively designed signage that will put a smile on the guest’s face. I recommended, where plates and forks are, you put a fun retro sign that reads “Let’s Eat!” ... How about for a computer company, we get old computers for the coffee stations with signage reading “Boot Up.” Ask companies if they’ve saved old items that can be used to decorate food areas.  The possibilities are endless!

  1. Healthy options. Perhaps the entire lunch is based upon healthy recipes so guests could experience healthy foods that taste good - the YaDa Chef way.