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How Does It Work?


To begin the process we investigate how you are currently eating and how you would like to eat in the future. We discover your food preferences and aversions, allergies and/or special diets through a detailed food questionnaire.

Menu Planning

Roughly a week before each cook day, YaDa Chef creates a customized menu. Upon your approval, we prepare lists and organize recipes.


On the cook day, we shop for the freshest ingredients, come to your home/location and cook all day. Before leaving, we clean the kitchen so that you find it as you left it with the exception that you have a fridge full of food and lovely aromas!

And it begins again

We then plan the next service based upon your comments as we work to refine and hone in on menus that make you the happiest. We do not repeat any menu items for at least six months, unless you specifically request them.

  • Bi-weekly, Tri-weekly, Monthly Dinner Plans
  • Dinner Parties & Buffets
  • Showers
  • Brunches
  • Luncheons
  • Cooking Classes

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