Kids Cooking Classes

YaDa Chef's cooking school JUST for kids!

Teaching children of all ages that cooking can be creative, full of discovery, and a lot of fun!  YaDa Chef provides hands-on cooking classes allowing kid's imaginations to run wild and free while discovering new science, math, reading, health and social skills.

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YaDa Chef offers a unique culinary experience offering cooking classes to children in an environment that encourages discover and creativity.  Each class is a new experience.  Themes chosen, either our one of YaDa Chef's chefs, by the child or parent assist in sharpening skills and taking the mystery out of the kitchen.  Removing the fear of the unknown while incorporating subject matter which ties into each theme.

Our highly qualified chefs, in coordination of nutritional experts carry out a mission to provide an interactive learning experience giving children the opportunity to develop a life-long love of the culinary arts.

Each class is designed to familiarize those attending with diverse foods, while experiencing what it feels like to create and taste recipes themselves.  Building self-confidence, creativity and life long skills - important ingredients to LIFE!


YaDa Chef's young chefs will learn basics in:
• kitchen safety
• proper food handling
• food preparation
• cooking and baking techniques
• presentation
• table setting
• manners
• basic cognitive subject matter
• and so much more!

Kid's Fun Two Hour Cooking Workshops $45 per child with a five child minimum.  

Individual cooking classes available at $100.  

GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE! give the gift of a wonderful (and educational) experience

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