Polish Nights

Perogies - YaDa Chef - London SupperClub

It's time to get your polka on with YaDa Chef's Polskie Święto. Polish food recipes passed down to Chef Joseph from his Babci and the Polish Culinary Institute.

Leaves are turning fiery colours, temperatures are dropping and the sun is setting a bit earlier.  Bryan and Joseph will warm your cockles and welcome you with a shot of hot spiced vodka ( family recipe).

After getting to know each other you will enjoy some beer soup. Vodka? Beer? Now you know it's going to be a fun night!!!

Pickled Beets - YaDa Chef - London - Polish SupperClub

Bryan and Joseph have scoured the blustery fields and forests of Poland (well maybe Brixton market and local butchers and fishmongers), for the freshest ingredients to show you the lighter side.  Polish food isn't all heavy creams and cheesy sauces.

Enjoy our family's favourites.  Dance a polka or two.  

Bring some polish memorabilia or wear some Polish togs and receive an extra vodka shot.  

As always groups of 10 or more can have a portion of your tickets donated to a charity or nonprofit of your choice.

Polish (the lighter side)

Welcome with spiced vodka shot



Polish Plum Cake - YaDa Chef - Private Dinner Party

Beer soup


First course:

Pierogi (sauerkraut/cabbage and mushroom) with pickled beets and sour cream



Galumpki (cabbage rolls with turkey mince and rice) with tangy tomato sauce and dill mash

White fish poached in polish court-bouillon with feathery light cream sauce



Plum cake


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