YaDa Chef Versace Dinner Party

YaDa Chef’s Personal, Private, and Yacht Chef services provides delicious quality meals for anyone. An exceptional dining experience in the comfort of your own home or boat - where ever YOU are located we will be.

Your personal chef can be hired by the hour, for the day, by the week, the weekend, the month or longer.

Are you in need of a personal or private chef for home or yacht? 

Roast Salmon with a Mustard Dill Sauce and Better Than Fries Oven Baked Potatoes

YaDa Chef works as a personal and private chef in a single home or yacht creating meals on a daily basis for a variety of dietary needs. We specialize in nutritional cooking, using natural and organic ingredients as a background in a variety of exciting cuisines from around the world, comfort foods and family favorites, as well as handling all special dietary needs or restrictions. 

We can assist you with a single dinner party, a large event in your home, private cooking lessons, or weekly meal services that might be shared with a neighbor or friend. 

If we can answer any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us. 

Palm Beach - Fort Lauderdale - Miami - London - Cannes - Helsinki - Faro